Watermark was created for one simple purpose; to expose makers of all forms and to inspire our audience daily.



Our editorial scope is simple. We post any work that causes us to have an emotive effect. Here on Watermark, you will find everything from paintings to dancing to artistic science experiments. 

Our events are made to connect the community, promote makers and their businesses, and to bring happiness into the lives of our guests.


Linda Macallum

Photography by Carla Grant

Linda Macallum began her journey planning events in her local community. After working as the President of The Okotoks Arts Council  for over 4 years, her passion for the arts developed and her network of awe-inspiring artists and business owners grew overtime. She witnessed the effects that promotion could have on artists and makers, and was motivated to give artists an opportunity to reach a broader audience.

While Watermark does not solely focus on Alberta, the pool of talent is so great that Linda chose to begin the Watermark journey in Alberta. From welders to designers, Linda's focus is to showcase those under-exposed makers that inspire on the daily. 

You can contact Linda at 403-861-5795