Melanie Giguere


Born in Quebec City, Canadian artist, photographer Melanie Giguere.

“Originally from Québec, Mélanie Giguère is a passionate Artist of Painting, Photography and Fashion. Since her early childhood, she has had a vital need to create and connect with the world around her. At the age of 10, she enrolled in her first Oil Painting class and it was the beginning of a beautiful love affair with the Visual Arts. She knew that this passion would one day play an important role in her career. Her first step in that direction was General Training in Fine Arts, which she completed with Technical Training in Fashion Design. After graduating in 2000, she held a Fashion Designer position for several years for the renowned Maison Simons.”Melanie Giguere

Bruno Tomei


“Canadian-Quebecois sculptor Bruno Weegun Tomei was born in the Great North of Quebec, in a small mining city called Schefferville, now turned ghost town after the closing of the Iron Ore Company of Canada in 1982. This was heartbreaking news for Bruno W. Tomei who felt suddenly evicted from the wild surroundings he loved and understood most. Even if it is said that time heals everything, there is very little cure for nostalgia, and Bruno W. Tomei was fortunate enough to find a sort of salvation through his art.” Bruno Tomei

Thierry Mugler


I had the wonderful opportunity to see Thierry Mugler’s fabulous design collection in Montreal, Canada this week. A fashion designer and artist!

“At the age of 20, Thierry Mugler left his hometown of Strasbourg. His destination: Paris. There, his allure and style were on display for all to see. Mugler would often wear his own creations and a freelance career as a designer soon opened up to him. He began by working with major fashion houses, then created his first collection in 1973 called «Café de Paris». Going against folkloric, unstructured fashion, the collection had an urban, sexy, flirty vibe, confident in itself. It exuded avant-garde ultra-femininity, a dramatization of the everyday unveiling of a woman. It was the same Thierry Mugler style that debuted with the creation of his house in 1974. Four years later, he was named «Designer of the Year» by both the press and the public. His success story had begun. Throughout the 1980s, the Thierry Mugler brand shone brightly with acclaimed collections, ingenious fashion shows that he conceived and directed, painting-like photos that he created himself, short films, video clips and films.” Thierry Mugler

Marcin Patrzalek

“After two years of practising classical guitar I decided to try my hand in a different guitar style. I went to a vacation international workshops in a beautiful town of Krzyzowa. That is where I met Carlos Pinana – one of the best flamenco guitarists. I started attending classes run by him. From the very begining I enjoyed practicing this type of music. It was partly because of music itself, partly because it’s very, very demanding, with very complicated technical facets. I knew that mastering it would get me to the next level as a guitarist.”

“I have been practising flamenco until now with the help of Carlos Pinana who I have regular classes with.” Marcin Patrzalek

Janet Bradish

Bradish_Across the Valley_1.jpg

“I was born and raised in Calgary Alberta. I attended the University of Alberta and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture. In the early years art was a part time activity done on weekends and days off from the ‘paying’ job. I am now a full time artist working in acrylic mixed media and printmaking – linocut and monotype. I am a self-taught artist, and have taken a variety of workshops and love incorporating and experimenting with new ideas and techniques with my art. I live in the Bragg Creek area with my husband and two dogs, a horse and two mules. Life is good!” Janet Bradish