Janet Bradish

Bradish_Across the Valley_1.jpg

“I was born and raised in Calgary Alberta. I attended the University of Alberta and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture. In the early years art was a part time activity done on weekends and days off from the ‘paying’ job. I am now a full time artist working in acrylic mixed media and printmaking – linocut and monotype. I am a self-taught artist, and have taken a variety of workshops and love incorporating and experimenting with new ideas and techniques with my art. I live in the Bragg Creek area with my husband and two dogs, a horse and two mules. Life is good!” Janet Bradish


Gabriel Schama


“When I first started prototyping ideas in laser-cut plywood, it became brilliantly clear that I needed a machine of my own to push beyond the soft limits of art paper. I received enough patronage from my second Kickstarter campaign to quit my day job, buy my own laser cutter and never looked back. The plywood compositions that I have focused on for the last couple of years are a direct expansion of the same ideas that began by hand in paper. Much of my creative energy has gone into mastering Adobe Illustrator, and I long since reached a point where I no longer sketch anything on paper, favoring the many shortcuts and tools the digital process affords me.” Gabriel Schama


Vazquez Sounds


“V-Sounds have recorded more than 30 tracks , and reached various #1 positions on the iTunes Mexico chart and have had up to 3 tracks at the same time in the top 10 of the same chart at the same time.

They have a worldwide fan base and receive invitations to perform in Asia , Europe , and Latin America.

Their Album and single releases have received Gold and Platinum status.” Vazquez Sounds


Alan Williams


“My creative exploration began in my childhood, making fantastical hybrid creatures using old toys and a tube of glue. Today I make animals and creatures from mostly found and recycled metal; transforming every day objects into detailed, sculptural artworks.

My commissions include sculpture, architectural installations and furniture. And many of my public artworks are on display in several locations throughout the world.” Alan Williams