Mish Mash Metal by Ryan


Met Ryan at the Millarville Market. His work caught our eye. Beautiful pieces that would look lovely in your home.

"Hi, my name is Ryan. Originally from Ireland, now living in Calgary, Alberta since 2014. Metal art has always been a passion I wanted to pursue and now its finally happened! I started this business up in June 2016 and I have many ideas that are still evolving. I offer my own unique wall art, home decor, edition-ed designs and commissions. Incorporating new designs into old materials, I do this by using a mix of scrap metal and reclaimed wood for the majority of my pieces. There are many materials that can be reworked with a little bit of effort, so instead of throwing them out they get a new lease of life on your wall . What I can also offer You.. Custom design is also an option. If you have an idea in mind, I would love to bring it to life for you. Please see below for reviews of my custom work on the customer testimonials section on this page. What I promise is a one on one service, together we will create a unique and personal piece of art for your home. The piece will only be proceeded with once you are completely happy with the design, assuring a production of art that you and your family will enjoy for many years.. My Social Media Links.. On my website page you will see the different media icons, please click on one and follow me to receive updates of my latest designs. If you have any questions please email me directly through the contact me page on my website or through any of the social media links. I appreciate you stopping on my page and taking the time to read about what I do. Cheers, Ryan." Ryan's bio. http://mishmashmetal.com