Stef Doyle


Artist Stef Doyle from Calgary, Alberta with her colourful and whimsical paintings. 

 "When I was seven or eight, we used to take these long road trips around North America: through The Rockies, the Okanogan, up to Edmonton….one time we even drove to the Mexican border in a “no-stops-unless-you’re-about-to-pee-your-pants-“-21-hour-drive-of-hell.  Sitting in the back of my dads’ station wagon with a box of water colour pencil crayons and a stack of pristine white printer paper (the kind that was attached along the edges with perforated strips that were perfect for bracelet making)…my art artillery and my little yellow Sony Discman kept me from smothering my little brother (who was usually doing something obnoxious)." In the words of Stef.