Lilach Lotan


Canadian ceramic artist Lilach Lotan has won awards for her ceramic designs. Her unique pieces are functional and stunning to look at.

 "Growing up, Lilach whiled away the hours in her own micro-magical world of Lego toys, train sets, and models. As she matures as an artist and finds her voice, she cannot ignore that early influence. Rarely does Lilach throw a vessel all in one piece. Instead, she embellishes the form much as she did her Lego creations all those years ago--only now, she creates her own building blocks.

At the heart of each of Lilach's designs lies an idea, conveyed by shape, form, and contour. The purity of porcelain, enhanced by a semi-matte white glaze, eliminates the distraction of colors. The only shades she considers are those produced by the object itself: achromatic shades of light, and its absence. The contour reveals itself by the presence and absence of material, both equally important." Lilach"s bio