Jason Johnston



"I grew up in a small rural town in Newfoundland, I have had a love for drawing and art since I was a child, and sold my first drawing at the age of 14. (Sold a design for T-Shirts to be sold at a sporting event) A couple years in high school I was a teacher's assistant for art classes, which was a great experience. I studied fine arts, and animation. There I learned to work in different mediums, such as painting, sculpture, metal work, photography, pottery, and printmaking. However after graduating I went back to the medium I love the most. Pencil drawing and sketches. 
After graduating I've been commissioned to do many murals, and portraits for people. At some points I have gone a couple years without doing a single piece of art. However I am able to pick it right up again, just like riding a bike. As most artists, I've never relied totally on my art to make a living (I've had to work many "big boy" jobs to pay the bills.) 
I currently live in Prince Edward Island and have a lovely wife and two beautiful little girls. I work at a local hospital, however I am still frequently drawing portraits for people as a side business and occasionally painting murals."