Martin Kerr

"Born and raised in Britain, Martin has visited over 30 countries and believes passionately in the oneness of all races and religions. During his travels, he spent a year teaching music to preschoolers in Beijing. The dozens of songs he wrote there are now used in hundreds of schools around China to encourage the virtues of courage, patience and kindness. 

Now settled in Edmonton, Canada, he has become a fixture of the summer scene, drawing huge crowds to his street performances and selling thousands of CDs from his guitar case. The Edmonton Journal dedicated a two-page feature article to his busking exploits, naming him #2 in their '52 things to love about Edmonton'.

As well as street-corners, he has graced some of the finest concert halls, major international conferences, places of worship of various faiths, folk clubs and countless house concerts across North America." Excerpt from Martin Kerr's facebook bio.