Naomi Zetti and Andreas Kunert at Ancient Art of Stones


"We, Naomi Zettl & Andreas Kunert, are partners in life and business. As two artists, our partnership is creative and dynamic, with complimentary gifts in observation, design, sculpture and business. Our specialty is to consult, design, & build functional art forms for private and public venues in the medium of stone. We work collaboratively with professional clients, architects, engineers, contractors and city planners and with individuals with a personal vision or quest. Our aspiration in coming together, is to create sacred spaces, portals and other connective works of art that allow our clients and viewers a visual glimpse of the other-side, what is invisible to our human eyes but felt within." Extracted from their bio on the website.

"We, as artists, walk both in the physical and spiritual worlds. The doorway to the spiritual realm is opened through the depth of connection to our heart and what is felt, perceived and experienced then expressed through our artistic pieces. We create a portal, gate or doorway to the spiritual realm through our works of art not just for ourselves but all viewers, every being that has the openness, courage and purity of heart to feel and experience the other-side, the invisible realm, through our creative works." Extracted from their bio on the website: