Laurence Vallieres


Canadian artist Laurence Vallieres works with cardboard. She creates these wonderful, massive sculptures out of recycled cardboard. 

"I have always felt a strong urge tocreate and communicate my observations. I crave for experience and challenges. My work is about human relationships, communication and political issues. My drawings have to be a trace of something I have experienced in my short life. It doesn’t have to be exact or pretty but it has to be meaningful to me. A mark of my passage and my thoughts at a certain time.

I am inspired by working with animal imagery and aesthetic techniques that have been recycled many times through history like anthropomorphic fables or political cartoons. Like my contemporaries, I am fascinated by this process and I like to juxtapose it against the conflicts of western society today. I am greatly inspired by Art Spiegelman, George Orwell and William Kentridge. I admire their use of materials to illustrate conflicts they have witnessed and struggles they have experienced.

The activity of drawing is the basis of all my work. It all starts with a sketch. I like to join my sculptures to my drawings by creating a relationship between them so they communicate and challenge each other. Along with my studies in Montreal, Québec City, and California, I have learned to work in photography, painting, ceramics, metal and drawing. After working with all of these materials separately, I feel the need to unify them into cohesive visions." Laurence's website bio.