Andrew Myers

It was a good night

It was a good night

Andrew Myers was born in Germany and now resides in Laguna Beach, California

"Though Andrew is best known for his time-intensive screw pieces, his work spans multiple genres and mediums, including sculpting, painting, and drawing. He most enjoys fast, expressive pieces like charcoal sketches, yet at the same time, feels that true art requires struggle, energy, time, and sacrifice; elements his screw pieces provide in spades. Given their complexity, unique subject matter, and unusual materials, Andrew produces few pieces a year, each of which is an experiment in art, mathematics, and creative problem solving. 
Andrew continues to push the boundaries of his craft, constantly searching for new subjects and unconventional mediums in which to capture them. He especially enjoys using objects and materials that are not usually considered art. Andrew’s guiding principle is to create better art today than he did yesterday. He knows that this means he will never be content in life, but he feels blessed to have found fulfillment and purpose in his role as artist, father, and friend." Andrew Myers