Eric Dowdle


"Prior to moving from Wyoming to Boston, I had never before heard of folk art. However, upon moving I was quickly introduced. I thought that folk art was painted two-dimensional because the artists didn’t really know how to paint. Of all the folk artists out there, Charles Wysocki was the one that I studied. Wysocki was talented with realism, but he eventually chose to pursue folk art. I realized I was very similar to Wysocki because my background in art too, was realism. I could paint a photo and if the completed piece didn’t resemble a photo, then to me it wasn’t art. I initially struggled with folk art because I naturally felt I had more ability to paint realism. I finally caught my break after two years of painting folk art, when an individual commissioned me to paint 8 pieces for them. It wasn’t until then that I realized that folk art isn’t merely two-dimensional art for those who don’t know how to paint- it is art telling a story." Eric Dowdle      ://