Ellinor Stenroos


"Ellinor Stenroos is a jewellery designer and artist, silver- and goldsmith based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Ellinor works in Scandinavian design, creating both custom jewellery and objects of art & functional pieces using clean lines and a contemporary aesthetic. Custom designed and hand crafted fine jewellery, one–off objects of art, limited–edition silverware, and other commissions are available." Ellinor Stenroos

After three years in the United Kingdom, employment opportunities brought her to Canada as a jewellery designer and goldsmith creating custom European–influenced jewellery in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. During four years of creating predominately wedding jewellery she filled sketchbooks with ideas of dramatic fashion jewellery, luxurious but bold fine jewellery and modern silversmithing pieces, all whilst witnessing a lack of the unparalleled European contemporary forms' presence in Calgary." Ellinor Stenroos