Barb Fedun


Artist Barb Fedun gets her inspiration from the beautiful landscape Foothills, Alberta offers. She is an outdoor enthusiast in her spare time and you will find Barb most days in her home studio painting

Artist Statement: 
"Growing up in the west coast rain forest shaped my appreciation for nature's beauty. Living in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains fuels my passion for outdoor pursuits. I enthusiastically cross country ski, ride around on my road bike, challenge myself mountain biking and love hiking. Yoga, Tai Chi and meditation creates balance and brings stillness and silence helping me align with the creative impulse. My job as an artist is to be in the moment and pay attention to images that tell me they need to unfold. Music and spontaneous dancing in the studio help release emotion onto my canvas creating an expressive image.  My hope is that you as the viewer will sense a connection to these images."