Cornel and Rithika/Bachata Sensual/Kiss me-Lola Jane such an art! I cannot do it, I wish I could! Watching couples that can do it, ignite the fire that is simmering somewhere deep inside, haven't found it yet, but darn, this holds my attention, and inspires me, I hope you connect with their passion like I did! Wow!

 and m"But it is really worth to have such abilities. Also, no less important is supposed to be the connection between the dancers, as this can very hard to dance with the partner you do not know. According to the fact, that the main thing for dancers is the proximity and emotions between partners, so here you will not find sharp movements and turns.

Obviously, on this video there is a passion to what they are doing and also to the associate, that can be the guess but still, maybe they are a couple. Cornel and Rithika have chosen the great song that perfectly suits the feeling and emotions during the dance. Clearly visible, that the partners did not just cram their moves, they feel the partners and feel the moves, that is the most important prerogative for bachata dance."