Nathan Neil

Lahaina, Maui aritist Nathan Neil, I had the honour of meeting Nathan whilst on holiday in Maui. Full of passion and enthusiasm Nathan is living a purposeful life in a glorious area!

"I’ve been venting out on mediums such as paper and canvas ever since I was a child. Instead of nap time in pre-school, I was drawing in the dark. I landed in some art classes with good teachers that said I would be a great artist, so I took those kind words and believed it. My style is infinite, because I like to create the unknown. My inspirations are Gustav Klimt, Salvador Dali, Gerhard Richter, and even non artists like Einstein and Nikola Tesla. I was raised in Southern California and moved to Lahaina at 27 years of age. It’s been only 10 months in this journey. Thanks for creating an awareness." Nathan Neil