Valerie Speer


Rosebud, Alberta Artist Valerie Speers. Creates beautiful works of art of the Alberta, landscapes, wilderness and the prairies. Valerie gives us a glimpse into her world filled with passion and love for Alberta.



I am a self-described "immersionist" as I desire to absorb myself in the environment before expressing it in my painting. The landscape we live in is alive and constantly speaking to us, bringing hope, reflecting the power, creativity and personality of God. In our experience with our environment we can discover life changing moments and intimacy with our creator.



Prairie and wilderness landscapes in a simplistic yet powerful style, similar to that of Group of Seven.



Acrylic paint on canvas



  • Seasonal Curator of Akokiniskway Gallery, Rosebud Centre of the Arts.
  • Resident artist of Rosebud Centre of the Arts.
  • Originals and prints are displayed at Arbour Guest House and the Rosebud Country Inn, Rosebud, AB. 
  • Commission work upon request" Valerie Speers bio.