Cayce Zavaglia



Using only cotton thread and wool, artist Cayce Zavaglia creates fantastic portraits of people in her life, family and friends with incredible detail that almost make them look lifelike. Cayce was trained in classical painting techniques that she tries to mimick with her stitches and colour blending.

 "I was originally trained as a painter, but switched to embroidery 16 years ago in an attempt to establish a non-toxic studio and create a body of work that referenced an embroidered piece I had made as a child growing up in Australia. My work focuses exclusively on the portraits of friends, family, and fellow artists.  The gaze of the portrait toward the viewer has remained constant over the years and in my has my search for a narrative based on both faces and facture. The work is all hand sewn using cotton and silk thread or crewel embroidery wool. From a distance they read as hyper-realistic paintings, and only after closer inspection does the work’s true construction reveal itself." Cayce Zavaglia's bio