Cara Jordan


Peterborough, Ontario pyrographic artist Cara Jordan draws in detail with fire! 

"This beautiful drawing technique allows you to combine line, colour, and texture to create any image from the natural world or your imagination. Although pyrography has been practiced since ancient times, it became increasingly popular with ladies in the Victorian period for decorating all manner of household objects. Once seen merely as a craft, pyrography is being increasingly recognised as a fine art form. Although I have no formal training, I have been creating and selling my art for more than ten years. When I was a little girl, I was always inspired by a visit to my grandfather�s workshop, a little red barn in the country. He was a folk artist, and he worked in wood to create animal sculptures and images of life in rural Canada. Recently, I have become interested in pyrography since wood is the perfect canvas for images inspired by the diversity and grandeur of nature and wildlife from Canada and around the world. I use my own photographs of animals as inspiration for pieces that speak to the beauty, majesty, humanity, and souls of all creatures, great and small, that enrich and sustain our world. All wooden pieces are finished with UV resistant non-yellowing waterbased polyurethane" Cara Jordan