Kathy Meaney


Alberta visual artists Kathy Meaney with her series, "Ladies of The Lake" and Canadi-ANNAs". Kathy's observation of people at her cabin on Pigeon Lake, Alberta inspired her to begin this series.

I am a people watcher who observes body language; however through course of conversation, I am often inspired from plays on words, hence leading to lots of giggles and laughter. Women relate to other women in their own way. Their bonds and mutual knowingness is expressed in their body language and this is why I paint mainly women. They celebrate and treasure their friendships in the safety net of each other. Sometimes they share, laugh and cry all at the same time. With this, I intend on luring the viewer into my paintings as they can often identify to the humor and antics of my ladies." Kathy Meaney @https://kmeaney.ca