Amy Schissel


Canadian artist currently living in Pittburgh, PA. Amy Schissel works primarily in abstract painting, drawing and installation work.

“As the 19th century gave us radical new ways to experience and move through space with the plane, train, and automobile, my work addresses our present, even more radically different, experience of space driven by the multifaceted virtual worlds of the internet’s network spaces. My drawings, paintings, and installations are infused with information friction and subscribe to modes of representation of new virtual spaces and special effects to build architectures of fictional space. Notational devices drawn from digital architecture, interaction design, and digital mapping schemata clash with exploding vectors, imploding pathways, and webs of connectivity. A walk through of my exhibitions intend to bring a spacial and bodily awareness of the many interfaces/gateways to the ‘CLOUD’s invisible networks, intersections and connectivity infusing the everydayness of our environments connecting us across physical boundaries. I aim for the viewer to experience layered cartographies melding disparate worlds, whose multifaceted surfaces echo one’s intuitive movement and interaction in an ultra dynamic hyper-world.”