Keith Andrew


“Keith Andrews is a visual artist living in Calgary, Alberta. His inspiration is the majestic scenery of the Canadian Rockies, teeming with wildlife year-round.

His spark of creativity was kindled by his parents, who gave Keith “The Art of Robert Bateman” in the mid-80’s. 

"I must have spent hundreds of hours combing through that book. I knew it was my true calling."

Keith spent most of his early years imitating the work but never finding his own voice.

"I felt like I was copying someone else's style.  I knew what I wanted to say, but not how to say it".

In 2006, Keith met renowned artist Terry Isaac (himself a former Bateman apprentice) and found a guide who encouraged him to strike out down a more personal path to find his own unique style. 

Keith discovered the beauty and simplicity of Black and White. The minimalist feel and the mood it created compelled him, and he poured himself into further learning and practice in this new direction.

Having found that voice, in 2014 he turned to painting professionally.

Terry Isaac has stated of Keith's work "His detail is breathtaking, up close and personal."

Through his study and work, Keith developed a passion for wildlife conservation and donates a minimum of 10% of all sales to the charity of the purchaser’s choice.

He hopes that by widening the circle of compassion for wildlife and their habitat he can make a small, yet significant contribution of his own in the years ahead.” Keith Andrew

Katrina Da Silva


Abstract artist from Dewinton, Alberta, Katrina Da Silva.

“Art must communicate’. These are the words that Katrina lives by. A born and raised Albertan, Katrina possesses a passion for art stemming from her earliest childhood days. To formalize her appetite to create and to communicate through art, Katrina obtained an Associate’s Degree in Fine Art, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design. Abstract art is her preeminent painting style. Katrina utilizes various elements mastered over time to invoke feeling and emotion through balance in colour, line, shape, and texture. The essence of each piece is infused with Katrina’s own feelings at the time of painting, ranging from joy, peace, wistfulness, and pain. Her work always tells a story. The experience is an individual journey that the beholder interprets and feels similar to that of a symphony. Katrina has sold numerous works at shows, exhibitions, and galleries. She adores the personal connection made with each individual through the mutual enjoyment of art.”

Natasha Miller


Canadian artist Natasha Miller.

“Natasha Miller is a self taught artist who was born and raised on Vancouver Island but now lives on a tiny island in the Bay of Fundy. Natasha has pioneered and specializes in a unique painting technique where she creates monochrome silhouette seascapes and landscapes using a homemade maple charcoal\ash\soot compound from her mobile Italian wood fired pizza oven (Eco pizza art!) and acrylic paint used for the splashes of colour and fine details. She has always drawn inspiration from the silhouettes all around- sunsets foreshadowed by trees and Canada’s rugged coastlines, the sea and it's boats, birds and beaches and her current work reflects this. Natasha's work is represented in over a dozen commercial galleries in Canada, the U.S., Europe and online.”

Amy Schissel


Canadian artist currently living in Pittburgh, PA. Amy Schissel works primarily in abstract painting, drawing and installation work.

“As the 19th century gave us radical new ways to experience and move through space with the plane, train, and automobile, my work addresses our present, even more radically different, experience of space driven by the multifaceted virtual worlds of the internet’s network spaces. My drawings, paintings, and installations are infused with information friction and subscribe to modes of representation of new virtual spaces and special effects to build architectures of fictional space. Notational devices drawn from digital architecture, interaction design, and digital mapping schemata clash with exploding vectors, imploding pathways, and webs of connectivity. A walk through of my exhibitions intend to bring a spacial and bodily awareness of the many interfaces/gateways to the ‘CLOUD’s invisible networks, intersections and connectivity infusing the everydayness of our environments connecting us across physical boundaries. I aim for the viewer to experience layered cartographies melding disparate worlds, whose multifaceted surfaces echo one’s intuitive movement and interaction in an ultra dynamic hyper-world.”

Jeff Lyons


“The girlfriends series is a collection of female portrait oil paintings and illustrations by artist Jeff Lyons. Jeff is a self-taught artist from Calgary, Canada. He started cartooning for fun when he was a child. In 1987 Jeff became interested in fine art and began painting. He has experimented with oil, acrylic and gouache paint, oil pastel, pencil, ink and digital mediums.

Inspired by women (a timeless muse) and positive public feedback from his art exhibits, Jeff began creating illustrative female portrait paintings in 2001. A new, more extroverted art series emerged, which became known as the 'girlfriends' series. Jeffs main goal was to create attractive imagery with a broader 'pop' appeal. These (mostly fictional) women painted are representations of individual female beauty, persona and attitude.

The girlfriends series portraits led to public demand for commissioned custom portrait paintings. Jeff has painted ALL people; men, women, children and couples. Sometimes, pets were painted. This kept him busy for many years, allowing him to pursue his art passion full time. View Jeffs commission portraits.”

Monika Wright


Canadian artist Monika Wright with her abstract seascapes, from Nova Scotia.

“Water sustains us physically and emotionally. I am surrounded by its soothing beauty; I swim and dive and kayak. I drink from the well and trust in its purity. But its strength and force deserves respect. It's life-giving power is precarious as we ignore the dangers of an environmental crisis in the making. Its abundance and our history of easy access in most of Canada may be at risk, and certainly it hasn't always been a matter of safe and easy access in all communities in our country. World wide, we see the damage that we are doing not only to the oceans, but to the entire planet. Water - oceans and lakes - are a resource we often take for granted in Canada.”

Martin Beaupre


Martin Beaupre an artist, painter from Quebec, Canada has won several awards for his stunning works!

“Over the years Martin has found his point of balance by associating art with energy. As a full-time painter Martin's paintings are a reflection of his inner world. Martin takes us on a Zen journey which reveals a search for beauty and harmony in muffled tones, with serene, uncluttered compositions inspired by Asian art.” Martin Beaupre

Melanie Giguere


Born in Quebec City, Canadian artist, photographer Melanie Giguere.

“Originally from Québec, Mélanie Giguère is a passionate Artist of Painting, Photography and Fashion. Since her early childhood, she has had a vital need to create and connect with the world around her. At the age of 10, she enrolled in her first Oil Painting class and it was the beginning of a beautiful love affair with the Visual Arts. She knew that this passion would one day play an important role in her career. Her first step in that direction was General Training in Fine Arts, which she completed with Technical Training in Fashion Design. After graduating in 2000, she held a Fashion Designer position for several years for the renowned Maison Simons.”Melanie Giguere

Andy Woolridge


Canadian artist from Victoria, B.C, Canada Andy Woolridge.

“I treat my canvas like a stage set, with simplified shapes and forms, deliberately placed to produce an artificial landscape.  I try to convey the feeling we have when watching the curtain rise in a darkened theatre auditorium, when, for that brief moment, we suspend disbelief and allow ourselves to be transported into an alternative reality.” Andy Woolridge