Into the Lens

Jess Bell


Award winning Canadian photographer Jess Bell from Toronto, Ontario.

“I have always had a flair for the dynamic and artistic. This, coupled with an innate love of animals, has resulted in pursuing animal photography with a passion. 

I am a dog owner myself, and I’ve spent years training my dog to perform in various forms of commercial work. I have a great deal of patience and am well-acquainted with animals' quirks. I know how to bide my time to capture the perfect shot. My goal for every photography session is to ensure that all parties involved, both animals and their people, thoroughly enjoy themselves.

I grew up in downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Now, I live in Scarborough and travel throughout the Greater Toronto Area, Hamilton, Niagara, Barrie, Burlington, Belleville and beyond to work with clients.”

Jillaine Jurchuck


Calgary, Alberta artist/photographer Jillaine Jurchuk.

“After graduating, Jillaine followed the call of the west, settling in Calgary, where she continues to flourish and evolve as a working artist. After 18 years of building a remarkable portfolio of projects significantly shaped by her gifted approach to interior design, 2011 was the seminal year in which Jillaine’s expanding talent could no longer be contained in and defined exclusively by this creative career path, and she emerged on the art scene, where she is blossoming as an artist in her own right, with a unique style that continues to develop a strong following. The magic of her gift is discovered in her ability to create works of striking beauty through the fusion of photography and painting. Each piece has its genesis in an original photograph in which Jillaine has captured a rare moment in which mother nature shares a spontaneous revelation of exquisite beauty, for those with eyes that see and hearts that feel. This visual image of transcendent is then placed in the nurturing oyster of Jillaine’s creative genius, where the application of multiple painting techniques and photographic layers results in the emergence of an artistic pearl of great price, in which the viewer can experience enhanced perspectives range and depth, nuanced tones, and evocative textures found within each piece. The confluence of nature and technology provides the artist with an open palette, delivering endless possibilities and influences that combine to making each piece a unique work of art that will continue to be treasured and revisited, like an old friend with whom we experience constant renewal, comfort and joy” Jillaine Jurchuk’s bio.

John Kroetch


Canadian photographer John Kroetch from Millet, Alberta.

“I am an energetic photographer blessed with a large amount of appreciation for the world and it's many wonders. Although always artistic, my interest in photography developed in my early thirties and I have cultivated my skill since. I combine my photographic knowledge with my digital skills to enhance many of my images.

 When hired for a photo shoot, I approach the task with a focus and a creative drive to produce a combination of unique and familiar shots for the widest range of photos possible.”

Stevin Tuchiwsky


“Stevin has always been passionate about capturing the adventures he himself takes part in. He has always immersed himself wholly in adventures off the beaten path, photographing his peers and fellow athletes in some of the most breathtaking places.

A diverse and in-depth knowledge of the backcountry and most common outdoor sports gives Stevin the edge to push outdoor documentary photography to new levels.

Stevin has been making photos for over 7 years and currently calls Calgary, Alberta, Canada home.”

Jerry Uelsmann


American photographer Jerry Uelsmann's passion for photography started at a young age. He is best know for his creative and imaginative work and a technique called "photomonage."

"The surreal, spiritual and thought-provoking images of Jerry Uelsmann, the master of photomontage, are anaylized and explored as we reveal the creative process and darkroom techniques of one of the world’s most acclaimed photographers." Bill Suchy