Vazquez Sounds


“V-Sounds have recorded more than 30 tracks , and reached various #1 positions on the iTunes Mexico chart and have had up to 3 tracks at the same time in the top 10 of the same chart at the same time.

They have a worldwide fan base and receive invitations to perform in Asia , Europe , and Latin America.

Their Album and single releases have received Gold and Platinum status.” Vazquez Sounds

Cornel and Rithika/Bachata Sensual/Kiss me-Lola Jane such an art! I cannot do it, I wish I could! Watching couples that can do it, ignite the fire that is simmering somewhere deep inside, haven't found it yet, but darn, this holds my attention, and inspires me, I hope you connect with their passion like I did! Wow!

 and m"But it is really worth to have such abilities. Also, no less important is supposed to be the connection between the dancers, as this can very hard to dance with the partner you do not know. According to the fact, that the main thing for dancers is the proximity and emotions between partners, so here you will not find sharp movements and turns.

Obviously, on this video there is a passion to what they are doing and also to the associate, that can be the guess but still, maybe they are a couple. Cornel and Rithika have chosen the great song that perfectly suits the feeling and emotions during the dance. Clearly visible, that the partners did not just cram their moves, they feel the partners and feel the moves, that is the most important prerogative for bachata dance."


Elijah Woods x Jamie Fine


Up-and-coming Canadian duo Elijah Woods x Jamie Fine will surprise you with their candour and depth of intention to their art. Comprised of instrumentalist/composer Elijah Woods and lyricist/vocalist Jamie Fine, EWxJF is a delicate marriage of exploratory musical styles and masterful emotional play. The best way to prepare for the new EWxJF is to prepare to eliminate expectations. The duo has meant to breach the boundaries of every genre out there - with hints that there’ll be dancehall, hip-hop, jazz influences that consistently shake up the tune. What will remain will continue to be a vision that deviates from the mainstream in a bid to “make people feel real” as they listen and expose their vulnerabilities - even those they didn’t know that they had."Elijah Woods and Jamie Fine's bio.



"Every story has two sides, and that adage is certainly true for Kaleo, the four-piece band from Iceland who now call the US home. Call it a split upbringing: the isolated heritage that results from coming of age in Iceland has paired with the fresh inspiration of moving to America, and the band has built a sound to match the disparate landscapes. A gorgeous and raucous blend of rock, folk and blue." Kaleo bio

Xavier Rudd


Xavier Rudd, Australia's most iconic multi instrument musician.

"Enthralling audiences with his ability to wield so many instruments at once, Xavier's 2002 debut album, To Let, introduced a sound that was a mix of guitars, yidakis (didgeridoos), stomp box and percussion, blues harp and vocals. Something distinctly new, yet tied back through time to the spirit of our ancestors. With a sound established, Xavier's 2004 sophomore album, Solace, was testament to the power of his songwriting abilities. Solace debuted in the top 20 of the ARIA charts and was met as an instant classic; going platinum and earning Xavier two ARIA nominations, with three of its songs – Let Me Be, Shelter and Solace – voted into triple j's Hottest 100."  Xavier's bio   

Madison Krebs

"As early as fifteen years old Madison was already showcasing at Canadian Music Week in Toronto, and at the 2014 Folk Alliance International Conference in Kansas City, MO, USA. Maddison has earned appearances at a full slate of festivals including performances at the Calgary Stampede, Big Valley Jamboree, Wild Mountain Music Festival, and more. Maddison was one of six finalists for the prestigious CCMA Discovery Program award for 2015. She has been nominated for multiple Alberta Country Music Award including Female Artist of the Year, Song of the Year, and Video of the Year. The year ahead looks very promising for this young artist. Maddison hails from Okotoks, Alberta." Taken from Madison's Facebook bio.