Katrina Da Silva


Abstract artist from Dewinton, Alberta, Katrina Da Silva.

“Art must communicate’. These are the words that Katrina lives by. A born and raised Albertan, Katrina possesses a passion for art stemming from her earliest childhood days. To formalize her appetite to create and to communicate through art, Katrina obtained an Associate’s Degree in Fine Art, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design. Abstract art is her preeminent painting style. Katrina utilizes various elements mastered over time to invoke feeling and emotion through balance in colour, line, shape, and texture. The essence of each piece is infused with Katrina’s own feelings at the time of painting, ranging from joy, peace, wistfulness, and pain. Her work always tells a story. The experience is an individual journey that the beholder interprets and feels similar to that of a symphony. Katrina has sold numerous works at shows, exhibitions, and galleries. She adores the personal connection made with each individual through the mutual enjoyment of art.” https://www.dasilvadesignstudio.com