Monika Wright


Canadian artist Monika Wright with her abstract seascapes, from Nova Scotia.

“Water sustains us physically and emotionally. I am surrounded by its soothing beauty; I swim and dive and kayak. I drink from the well and trust in its purity. But its strength and force deserves respect. It's life-giving power is precarious as we ignore the dangers of an environmental crisis in the making. Its abundance and our history of easy access in most of Canada may be at risk, and certainly it hasn't always been a matter of safe and easy access in all communities in our country. World wide, we see the damage that we are doing not only to the oceans, but to the entire planet. Water - oceans and lakes - are a resource we often take for granted in Canada.”

Martin Beaupre


Martin Beaupre an artist, painter from Quebec, Canada has won several awards for his stunning works!

“Over the years Martin has found his point of balance by associating art with energy. As a full-time painter Martin's paintings are a reflection of his inner world. Martin takes us on a Zen journey which reveals a search for beauty and harmony in muffled tones, with serene, uncluttered compositions inspired by Asian art.” Martin Beaupre

Melanie Giguere


Born in Quebec City, Canadian artist, photographer Melanie Giguere.

“Originally from Québec, Mélanie Giguère is a passionate Artist of Painting, Photography and Fashion. Since her early childhood, she has had a vital need to create and connect with the world around her. At the age of 10, she enrolled in her first Oil Painting class and it was the beginning of a beautiful love affair with the Visual Arts. She knew that this passion would one day play an important role in her career. Her first step in that direction was General Training in Fine Arts, which she completed with Technical Training in Fashion Design. After graduating in 2000, she held a Fashion Designer position for several years for the renowned Maison Simons.”Melanie Giguere

Andy Woolridge


Canadian artist from Victoria, B.C, Canada Andy Woolridge.

“I treat my canvas like a stage set, with simplified shapes and forms, deliberately placed to produce an artificial landscape.  I try to convey the feeling we have when watching the curtain rise in a darkened theatre auditorium, when, for that brief moment, we suspend disbelief and allow ourselves to be transported into an alternative reality.” Andy Woolridge

Tracy Proctor


Calgary, Alberta artist Tracy Proctor.

“Tracy Proctor is a third generation Calgarian, artist, teacher and founder of Swirl Fine Art and Design Art Gallery. Although a self-taught artist, she has completed encaustic programs in New York, California, Santa Fe and Seattle. Her background in Interior Design has influenced her love for color and composition. Tracy teaches encaustic workshops throughout Western Canada. She is a certified R&F encaustic instructor and currently, the President of the Federation of Canadian Artists - Calgary Chapter.” Tracy Proctor

Rachel Olynuk


“A Canadian Artist, based in Northern Alberta Canada, I am an acrylic painter. My style has a bohemian flare, seen in my paintings and lifestyle.

With vibrant colors I paint faux stained glass using circle patterns and silhouette paintings on canvas and wood.I offer an open line of communication from my world to yours through my artworks with whimsical shapes and patterns mixed with silhouettes and figures.

I have received so much joy in creating these paintings and want to share them with you.” Rachel Olynuk

Patrick Ennis


“With an extensive portfolio ranging from portraits to still life to cosmic and surrealism. Internationally known and published in a variety of magazines, he often works in partnership with other groups including Acidmath apparel clothing line, and is awell known artist on the electronic music scene (astral Harvest music festival, Odyssey gathering and more) as well as having underground roots in punk rock doing portraits for world famous bands like Dayglo abortion and others. “

“A full time artist his commitment to his passion is second to non. “ Patrick Ennis bio

Troy Babineau


Okotoks, Alberta artist Troy Baineau a house painter turned oil painter on canvas.

"With over twenty years experience under my belt as a house painter and amateur photographer, a few years ago I unexpectedly watched a documentary on artist/photographer, Gerhard Richter – he was creating large, abstract paintings using long, flat squeegee tools, and applying oil paints onto his canvases.  They were awesome and I was immediately inspired.  I said to myself,  “I can’t draw a stick-man for the life of me, but I bet I can do that.”  And so, after many years of painting the walls of houses, I retired my roller, purchased a power saw, clamps, wood, rolls of canvas, and got to work on making my own frames." Troy Babineau

Mandy Budan


Artist Mandy Budan from Pickering, Ontario, Canada. Mandy brings her abstract landscapes to life with vibrant colours and mixture of patterns.

"I am a Canadian artist who works primarily in acrylic. Inspired by nature, I use strong colour, discrete shapes and rhythmic patterns to create paintings which can be enjoyed for both their abstract and realistic qualities" Mandy Budan

Susan Hiscox


Calgary based artist Susan Hiscox.

"I am always trying to learn and grow as an artist and continue to take art workshops whenever and wherever I can!I love to paint pictures of the areas that I visit or live in and things that I see along the way. I have also been commissioned many times to paint people’s beloved pets."
 "My objective is to create fun, affordable works of art that have meaning for and ‘speak to’ the collector!" Susan Hiscox