Into the Lens

Gail Foster


"With Calgary, Alberta as my home base, I am blessed with being surrounded by a picturesque and diverse environment. When I am in nature, I feel inspired, connected, grounded and clearer. Colours, textures, light and shadows take me to explore them. As a result my photography focuses on two elements of nature: the physical representation and the artistic interpretation.

Being neither a journalist nor a documentary photographer opens up the possibilities – the what if’s. One of my goals is to look at the scene as if humans have not been there so items that detract from the images, such as hydro lines, garbage and vehicles are often removed." Gail Foster   

Robert King Andia


Photographer Robert King Andia with his series "Ancient Hawaii." Robert tells us the story photographically of the Hawaiian ancient legends including the many different Gods they believed would guide them. Stories through the artists lens.

"Primarily a Fashion and Advertising photographer, Robert's career has spanned over 40 years working in over 50 countries throughout the world.  He has created images for some of the top clients and media in the industry. Raised in Hawaii, Robert started his career as a working artist while in high school and launched into photography to expand his perspective. He began his photography career as an Action Sports photographer, then moved to Los Angeles and started shooting Fashion. Robert opened a Modeling Agency and Talent Management Company that lead to many opportunities in the Entertainment Industry where he also worked as a Film, Commercial and Video producer. Robert is considered a generalist and is skilled in all types of photography including: Fashion, Advertising,Lifestyle, Journalism, Resort, Action, Sport, Product, Food, Nature, Portrait and Fine Art. " Robert King Andia's bio

Patty Maher


"Patty Maher is an internationally recognized, award winning fine art photographer and artist based in Caledon, Ontario, Canada.  The inspiration for her art comes from an exploration of the feminine in the context of both natural and urban settings.  Working primarily through staged portraiture and self-portraiture Maher is widely known for hiding or obscuring the faces of her subjects often only using only posture, gesture, symbol and colour to convey emotion and story.  Maher explores the inner worlds of her subjects while at the same time considering notions of personal space, boundaries of identity and the relationship of the individual to the larger world. Her goal with each photo and series is to create pieces that disrupt the boundaries between real life and the otherworldly;  the surreal and the commonplace.   In the telling of visual stories she invites the viewer to become a co-creator in meaning, leaving the stories open ended but touching on basic and universal emotions." Patty Maher's bio



Pierre Pellegrini


"Born on September 7, 1968, in Sorengo, Switzerland

"After having gone in for architectural design, I realized my dream becoming a physical education teacher. During my professional development, I applied myself to photography. For me, photography represents a wonderful mean to communicate and, at the same time, to give the viewers the chance to feel emotions. I am not quite sure if it’s me who is looking for the themes or if it’s the themes themselves who are looking for me. Yet, whenever such an encounter happens, a picture arises, perfectly in with myself and with my personality." Pierre Pellegrini bio


Wendy Richardson



"Wendy Richardson was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta. She came to a point in her life where she found herself in a very sad, dark and dreary place. Before she knew it, many years had passed and things were not any better.

Finally one day she took the advice of her doctor to start walking, she knew she needed to do something or she would not survive.

At first she only made it to her back gate, this is when she started to see this pink glow over her fence. The next outing she went further, to a set of train tracks that led to a tunnel, which had that same pink glow at the end of the tunnel, yet everything around her was dark and grey. This pink glow started to Awaken the life in her. She had to find out what it was. So she borrowed her daughter’s camera and eventually went through the tunnel.

What greeted her on the other side was breathtaking, there was this Huge Pink Sun just starting to crest, and blue blue snow; she stood there frozen by the beauty of this sight.

“This was her Awakening”

It took her over four months to get approximately two blocks, but thousands of pictures later she now knows with certainty that “Nature Heals”. This is how her beautiful photo art came to be." Wendy Richardson


Doug Mitchell


"Photography has been a constant progression in my life and mixed with travel, writing, and now woodworking, it’s part of what keeps me ticking. I got my first Kodak film camera very young and used it to document the important things in my life at the time, like Ghostbuster toys, a new bike, and childhood pals of the mid 1980’s. Only ever really dabbling for fun over the years, I eventually decided to do something with it and attended SAIT College in Calgary, AB for the Journalism Arts program and graduated with honours as a Photojournalism major in 2004. Since then, I’ve been very fortunate to have some incredible experiences living and working around the world before returning to Alberta in 2013."  Doug Mitchell                  

Rick Charlton


Local photographer Rick Charlton gets down and dirty with his shots at the Millarville Racetrack. He is an avid photographer with a keen eye for the shots that tell the story. He has won numerous first place awards at the Millarville Photography Competition.

"Rick is a long-time, active volunteer in his local community. He created and still serves as Race Director for the Millarville “Run To The Famers’ Market” Half Marathon event, attracting 1,500 participants. The event is an important fundraiser for the non-profit Millarville Racing & Agricultural Society where Rick also serves as a member of the volunteer Board of Directors and is on numerous other Ag Society event committees.

Carol & Rick, along with Golden Retrievers Ruby & Pete and cat Daisy, live on an acreage southwest of the city. Rick is an avid photographer, hiker, runner and traveller."

John Yates


Photographer John Yates capturing moments in time. John grew up in Oklahoma and now resides in Henderson, Nevada. John loves all aspects of photography from landscapes, portraits, pets and he even does weddings, as long as he can continue his passion and keep using his imagination he is a happy man.

"Since I was a young child, I had a fascination with cameras. My grandfather gave me one of his old cameras, of course it didn't work, but I took some of the most spectacular photographs never printed. In my mind that is what photography is, imagination at work. I had a great imagination as a child and like everything else, most of my childhood fascinations were replaced with real life experiences." John Yates


Marcin Ryczek

Secret Window

Secret Window

Graph of Life

Graph of Life

A Man Feeding Swans in The Snow

A Man Feeding Swans in The Snow

Polish photographer Marcin Ryczek.

"I specialize in photography, which refers to symbols and geometry. Its characteristic features are simplicity, minimalism and reference to graphic arts. Symbols and geometric shapes impart philosophical matter to these images, they raise questions and provide deeper reflection. The most important entity which connects all my works is a man, with their "multidimensionality" accented by the use of simple symbols and thoughtful composition.

My photos have been published in the press and other media around the world, among others:  The Guardian, Der Spiegel, Yedioth Ahronoth, La Repubblica, Politiken, The Daily Telegraph, National Geographic ... and the most popular social networks in many countries on all continents."