FYI/The Great Dash Theme for High River

Imagine for a second, what you could do and the places you could go if you had the ability of time travel? Chew on this for a moment, what if we could go back and change the massive flood that happened in High River, what if we could have diverted this disaster somehow? Would it have changed High River for the better?

"Back To The Future" is about dreams. George always wanted to be a successful science fiction writer, Doc had a lifelong dream to build a successful time machine, Marty longed to be the next Van Halen. The entire timeline of their world was written before it began. By going back in time history was rewritten.

History cannot change and time travel cannot exist, otherwise nobody would stick around!

High River is looking to the future by not travelling back but certainly dreaming of what High River will become. The flood has allowed the people of High River to look back and learn. Out of tragedy often, comes strength. To rethink, recreate, and mold the town into something new and exciting. A chance to define who High Riverites are as a community and where they are going! A tenacious, resilient and a close-knit family community working towards their dreams of becoming great! Opening the doors to entrepreneurs, small businesses, technology, agriculture, tourism, the arts and so much more creative growing going on in High River. You're darn right we are proud of you! 

"The Great Dash" volunteers are excited to showcase some of your hidden gems in the neighbourhood, giving our teams a chance with all the great people that have helped and worked hard to build High River up again. Great Scott, why not?

The Great Dash/Watermark is making the makers known throughout the Foothills area. Join us and help support local businesses in a fun, engaging way! Team building, friendly competition,  community building, connecting towns, prizes, the winner takes away the coveted trophy with humongous bragging rights! Register at under Events and you will find The Great Dash/Back To The Future.