The Great Dash/Watermark

What does “the arts” mean to you? What and who does it include?

My response would be that the arts give one pleasure, triggers emotions and provokes thought and includes creative thinkers, imagination, original ideas to create something whether it be writing , singing, painting, music, photography, poetry, design and so on.

Often the arts is sadly under-promoted and under valued. That is why “Watermark” began. Making the makers known! Watermark promotes and advocates for the Foothills, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and the world creatives, to ignite that inner curiosity, inspire and stimulate the imagination.

Watermark needed a funding mechanism to maintain the website and social media. The Great Dash was created!

The Great Dash follows along with the same philosophy as Watermark. Making the makers known. We take teams into the doors of small businesses to give them exposure. We want our teams to return! We wanted it to be creative and playful.

The word DASH means to run or move somewhere quickly, but when you add GREAT to the word DASH, you end up with an over the top, exciting race filled with entertaining challenges, lots of laughs and the makings of extraordinary memories all while exploring awesome local businesses and discovering talented artisans. 

The Great Dash is all about solving clues, taking on challenges and having a fun packed adventure! You might have to decorate a cake, solve a puzzle, build a birdhouse, design a wall tile, ride an innertube, figure out a brain teaser or even eat a local delicacy. You never know WHAT challenges and competitions will await you, but you’re guaranteed that you will have a great time completing them! 

You can Dash by yourself or with a team, whichever you chose, just plan to spend a good portion of the Dash day having a truly engaging and thrilling experience! The day will culminate in the crowning of The Great Dash Champions and if you’re not overly competitive, don’t worry, there are always lots of additional awesome prizes to be won and of course, cool restaurants, shops and artisans to be discovered!

When you support The Great Dash, you support Watermark and the Foodbank!