While foreign visitors might assume there is only one reason to visit Okotoks (we're not naming any names, but it's big and grey, and literally EVERY person who visits it climbs on it even though we're not supposed to), we have MANY reasons to prove why that is untrue. When we launched "7 Reasons Why" the first time, we had a positive backlash (can backlashes be positive? This one is...) of other reasons why people have big heart-ons (see what we did there) for the tokes. Here's a compilation of our responses, and a few more we really wanted to mention:

Join us on the 28th of October to experience ALL of Okotoks and High River and what makes it awesome too (and let us know what we should add to our next list)! Check out The Great Dash here.

1. River Valley

Photo from http://www.calgaryregionfocus.com/lend-a-hand-to-clean-up-the-sheep-river-valley/

Photo from http://www.calgaryregionfocus.com/lend-a-hand-to-clean-up-the-sheep-river-valley/

This feels obvious (OK WE KNOW IT'S OBVIOUS), but it's hard to get more of the warm fuzzies than when you see the river packed with little munchkins making sand-castles and splashin' around in the river. It's. SO. CUTE. For the other 340 days of the year that it is NOT 30 degrees, it's an abnormally-gorgeous walk, and we feel pretty dang privileged to have this smack-dab in the middle of our town. 

2. Why would you not shop here?


A cozy, welcoming place to visit and spend some time (can't you tell by their ADORABLE signage?). Natalie greets you with a lovely smile and graciously invites you into her shop, every time. Small towns can sometimes have clothing boutiques that are a little too...niche (ok read between the lines here guys). We are major fans of this little spot- her clothes are actually trendy and affordable as is the accessories and the giftware. Guess what else? You can order online! https://mintandmaple.ca

3. Home Ground Coffee and Roasting House


Freshly roasted organic coffee, organic tea, cinnamon buns to die for, everything else is fresh and spiffylicious and the smells wafting out of this place are ON POINT! Great place for a get together, and the kind of place you just want to support when you walk inside. https://www.facebook.com/HomeGroundCoffeeRoastingHouse

4. Dit and Dat


We don't like calling this a dollar store... in our experience, it's so much more than that! Hunting for something specific? Like, for instance, have you ever heard of Treacle Pie? We thought not! Treacle is a British, thick, syrupy sweet treat used in a pie (see above). We have never seen it anywhere on this side of the pond before so HEYO. We get our fix from Dit n Dat. Have you ever heard of Pontefract Cakes? Yeh nor had we, but dit n' Dat has it! They also have loads of imported items, and the icing on the (literal) cake is that the staff are fantabulous.  https://www.facebook.com/Dit-n-Dat-Everyday-Value-and-Family-Fun-Tel-403-995-4627-187821894594779

5. Tribal Connection Market


You know that one friend that is soOoooo difficult to buy gifts for? Well shut the front door, we have news for you. Not only can you meet a friend for a coffee and chit chat, you can also browse through the store and see all the special one-of-a-kind items made from artisans from all over the world all the while you are supporting Fair Trade (the staff even donate their tips to Tribal Orphanage in Tanzania, Africa). It warms our hearts and fills them with admiration, way to go ladies! Oh, one more perk! They now are licensed and have live music, check it out. https://www.facebook.com/fairtradeproduct/

6. Deava Beadz Jewellery Boutique


The most epic house on Elma St.! It has been fully restored (it has over a 100 years of history), so it's a gorgeous space to visit regardless. Now let's move inside and talk about Deava Beadz. Only the most fandamntastic, trending, one-of-a-kind jewellery pieces you will find in Okotoks. Erin custom makes bling and let us tell you, it will make you sing! Gather your chickas and march on over and take a peek, Erin will show you what's new, or guess what? You can take a gander online as well. deavabeadz.ca

7. Light Up Okotoks

Photo by the amazing Brent Calver/Okotoks Western Wheel

Photo by the amazing Brent Calver/Okotoks Western Wheel

How can you not fall in love with Okotoks when you attend "Light Up Okotoks". The small town vibe with a whole lot of spirit! The cold November night air warmed by the happy faces, friendships, the toasty fire pits, yummy hot chocolate and a cracker jack box full of surprises. Not to mention there are fantastic fireworks to end off the evening. It's quite a thing to witness a community coming together to celebrate the coming of the Christmas season. Thank you GM for your kindness and to all the other sponsors that bring the light to Okotoks. Be there or be (in the town) square, November 17.


As always, let us know what YOU think should make the list! It's hard to choose between the amazing, dedicated artisan and small business talent that we have here in Okotoks, so we are all ears when it comes to shedding light on them.

We would LOVE to see you all at The Great Dash (only a few days left for tickets!), where you'll get to experience businesses and artists like these while racing to the finish line. Contact us with questions.


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